Get yer updates here!

29 12 2010

A quick update this morning, managed to get a new (and by new I mean old) project posted in the CGI section. Another project from my 3d animation class this time featuring …gasp… animation! Head on over and check it out!

School’s out for…winter.

20 12 2010

With the additional free time that the winter break and impending transfer to KU provide it’s time to hit the gym, shop for holiday gifts, catch up on some much needed sleep, catch up on some even more needed gaming, and finally update the poor neglected blog.  However, take heart reader(s) as today’s update is all about the CGI and if your anything like me  you too have your personal  Frankenstein’s monster in the back of your head saying “Pictures good! Text bad!” This update is showcasing my final project from this semester’s Intro to 3d Animation class.

“Why the final project and not the first?”, you might say.

Because it’s fresh on my mind and after spending so many hours on it I want to get it out of the way, that’s why.